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Registering as a User for Online Ordering

To order online, a school, customer etc must first register. There are 5 choices for registering as a MTBB customer ie registering as a New User. Once a user has registered and been approved by MTBB, the user may order online. You may register as one of the following:

Finding (searching) products

Basic Search Advanced Search
In addition to the Basic Search criteria described above, users can also select from the following criteria: Search by Keywords

Ordering Online

  1. To order online you MUST first register (see "Registering as a User for Online Ordering").
  2. Login to the MTBB web site.

    Note: You will have to create a user profile on your first visit to the site. After that, you need only enter your user ID and password to login. You may edit your user profile at any time.

  3. Search for the desired item(s) using the search form. (See the Note below regarding items for which you know the stock numbers.) Note: for any items you enter quantities for on a given page (produced by the search), you must "Add to Cart", prior to viewing subsequent pages. You can always change the quantities or delete the item by clicking on "Shopping Cart".
  4. Enter the quantity you wish to order for each item and click "Add to Cart". Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have found all the items for your order.
  5. Click "Proceed to Checkout".
  6. Enter the order details eg, purchase order number, shipping method, etc. and click "Submit Order". Note that up to this point no items have actually been ordered. It is only when you "Submit Order" that the order is actually submitted for fulfillment (to your Division/District if you are a public school). Note, that even after you submit your order, you may still change it (ie change quantities and add items) as long as it has hasn't been "approved" (by division/district if required) or "received" by MTBB.

    Note: If you already know some or all of the stock numbers of the items you wish to order, you can simply enter the numbers in the stock number box on the left side of the page, and press the enter key on your keyboard or click the "Add to Cart" button after each stock number. You can then adjust the quantities for each item in your shopping cart and update the quantities before submitting your order as described above.

Ordering products by catalogue number

This is the quickest means of adding items to your "shopping cart". Simply enter the catalogue number and press the <enter> key; repeating this process until finished (note all quantities default to 1). Then view your "Shopping Cart" and change any quantities, then click "Update Quantities".

Shopping Cart

Items may be added to your Shopping Cart by: You can continue adding items via the above process until your order is complete. Note that you may change any quantities in your shopping cart, and then click the "Update Quantities" button to affect the changes. You may also delete any items from your shopping cart by clicking the X to the left of the item. Note that your "cart" will stay active (ie keep your items) for 7 days even if you logout and return a day or 2 later.

Submitting your Order

Once you have completed your order, in the "Shopping Cart" view, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button. Your order is displayed and you are requested to complete the order details, as follows. Then select the method of submitting your order, ie. fax and print the order, OR submit the order online. Finally, click the "Submit Order" button.

Tracking / Changing your Order

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